Why Fitness is Essential for Your Mental Health

Throughout life, we are told all the time just how essential it is to exercise.  It’s really quite simple—exercise for our health yet it is so easy to put it on the back burner, which is crazy because we should always make self-care a priority.  As life gets in the way, we tend to get so caught up in the mundane regularities of life. We grow so accustomed to our daily routines and schedules that we believe we have absolutely no time to work out let alone be healthy. When we do have the time, we would rather focus on other things so we neglect our health failing to make ourselves a priority.  And then we wonder why we are so tired, stressed, and feeling less than our best. While I promote a healthy and balanced lifestyle, health is way more than just exercising and eating right….it’s also about what you’re thinking.

While serving in Iraq, the combination of long hours overseas in a stressful, busy, and fast paced work environment ultimately took its toll on me.  Thirty pounds later and not knowing what career path to take, I decided to invest in a personal trainer who changed the course of my life forever. Everything was going well but the combination of dieting all day followed by binge eating at night eventually got the best of me.  I wasn’t eating or sleeping right, and it eventually interfered with my work life. I’m a personal trainer but I couldn’t effectively train my clients! I discovered the root of the problem—I had a serious food addiction coupled with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. Overcoming PTSD has taught me the best thing to improve any mood is to just get up and move your body. I love to deal with stress by sweating it all out and leaving it at the gym! I’m proud to say I’m a PTSD fighter and survivor and I have my fitness lifestyle to thank for that.

We always blame life for getting in the way when in actuality, WE get in our own way.  Our minds and thoughts are more powerful than we sometimes think. We are creating our realities everyday just by what we are thinking.  What we think contributes to how we are feeling overall. When we are feeling bad or unhappy, it’s never because of any external circumstance—it’s all internal.  We basically choose how we feel each day because of our thoughts. This is exactly why I focus and place emphasis on the mental aspects of my training. There’s no point in being fit if our minds aren’t healthy too. Life will only ever be as good as our mindset.  I fought extremely hard to become the woman I am today and to achieve my current mindset. To win at anything in life, the key is to win in the mind. Win in your mind, win in life!